Our Summer wraps are your go-to item

I love the summer morning air here in Colorado. Warm days finish with cool evenings, so I always have one of our fabulous wraps tucked in my bag. Or I wear one as a scarf until needed to wrap around my shoulders. They are also essential for this time of year when the temperatures in restaurants, stores, air planes and theaters are downright chilly. We have many styles to choose from. The Gelila (above) is 90% lightweight Ethiopian cotton with a 10% touch of silk.  The Ari (below) is 100% lightweight Ethiopian cotton. Both add that just-right amount of warmth to take you from sunshine to moonlight. 

The Judith and Timket 100% Ethiopian Cotton wraps are a bit heavier and some of my personal favorites. I often use them as a small blanket on the plane when my seat mates have their air vents open wide.Our wraps are a versatile size. 24″-27″ wide and 78″ long, and they can be worn as scarves or shawls. Our entire collection is hand washable. Check out all of our scarves and wraps on our website.

Photos by Sabahar and Sweet Design