Take me on vacation!

Our don’t-travel-without-it towel folds up neatly to tuck in your suitcase or back pack for a vacation or day at the beach. These towels are incredibly multi-purpose. For the last 9 years Penny and I have not gone anywhere without one. In Africa we use our towel to wrap up in during the long flight. We use them as blankets to sit on. As shawls on cool evenings. A towel and hand towel are used everyday in our hotel bathroom. Because they are absorbent, generously sized and dry so quickly, they are our go-to travel pieces. Below is a photo of our Omo towel/hand towel collection. Go to products and click on towels to see all of our offerings. Your customers will treasure them.

Omo towel and hand towels in gold, blue, sea foam green, gray, tangerine and raspberry.

Photos by Sweet Design